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  I went to a party today!! It was really fun, it was a desert and coffee party. YAY COFFEE!! Anyways everyone was supposed to make a hat that had a bunch of different things on it that described the things you like. So of course on my hat I had 2 pictures of Panic At The Disco on it. One pic was of when they were on my fav show Saturday Night Live and the other was just a regular pic. Other stuff i had on it were: a rubber duck (cause i love ducks! Who doesn't?), Starbucks logo (COFFEE!!), picture of California, "Las Vegas", and some flower fabric casue i luv to sew!

  But it was a really fun party! The next party im going to is a movie party and we're gonna watch National Treasure 2! Even though I'm a Jehovah's Witness doesn't mean that we need holidays or b-days to have parties or fun! But you know whats really sad is that ppl think that celebrating b-days is a good thing! The only time in the Bible when there were b-days ppl were killed as a b-day present!! Don't believe me? Go grab a Bible and look it up for yourself! But just to let u know John the Baptist , the 1 who baptised Jesus, was beheaded! Because King Herod's daughter asked for his head served on a platter!

  So go get a Bible and look up the scripters:
- Genesis 40:20-22 this scripture is of a Pharaoh in Egypt who had his b-day, but read the scripture it gets interesting!

- Matthew 14:6-10 John the Baptist gets beheaded

~~But anyways please read those scriptures!!!~~


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