Writer's Block: Getting Closer Than Perhaps Expected

Have you ever crushed on your closest friend? Did you keep it secret, were there problems or did it blossom into something more?
 yes!! my best friend ive known since first grade! chace.. but he moed and i dont like him anymore. but then he soon found out but i told him that im over him so were still just friends!

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OMG! This picture is from when I met Brendon Urie at the 2008 Honda Civic Tour! HE WAS A FOOT AWAY FROM ME!! Picture taken April 22nd 2008
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  I went to a party today!! It was really fun, it was a desert and coffee party. YAY COFFEE!! Anyways everyone was supposed to make a hat that had a bunch of different things on it that described the things you like. So of course on my hat I had 2 pictures of Panic At The Disco on it. One pic was of when they were on my fav show Saturday Night Live and the other was just a regular pic. Other stuff i had on it were: a rubber duck (cause i love ducks! Who doesn't?), Starbucks logo (COFFEE!!), picture of California, "Las Vegas", and some flower fabric casue i luv to sew!

  But it was a really fun party! The next party im going to is a movie party and we're gonna watch National Treasure 2! Even though I'm a Jehovah's Witness doesn't mean that we need holidays or b-days to have parties or fun! But you know whats really sad is that ppl think that celebrating b-days is a good thing! The only time in the Bible when there were b-days ppl were killed as a b-day present!! Don't believe me? Go grab a Bible and look it up for yourself! But just to let u know John the Baptist , the 1 who baptised Jesus, was beheaded! Because King Herod's daughter asked for his head served on a platter!

  So go get a Bible and look up the scripters:
- Genesis 40:20-22 this scripture is of a Pharaoh in Egypt who had his b-day, but read the scripture it gets interesting!

- Matthew 14:6-10 John the Baptist gets beheaded

~~But anyways please read those scriptures!!!~~